About Us

Samarth Magna group of Industries was founded with a desire to provide expert solutions for critical problems of the foundry industry. In our journey of more than 20 years, we have always kept our promises, with the development of a number of specialized products to match up the customers’ requirements and innovative solutions to the problems faced by foundrymen. Instead of engaging ourselves in mass production, we focus on manufacturing more critical, challenging products as per the requirement of each individual customer.

We have developed products ranging from high yield Resin Coated Sand to critical engineering castings. With quality as the utmost priority, our products have always helped the customers tackle the problems faced in foundries and related industries. Our state of the art manufacturing plants help us produce highly precise products so as to satisfy the customer needs thoroughly.

Rather than being a seller of mass produced goods, we aim to be known as a ‘personalized solution provider’ in the foundry industry. Our business model is based on the requirements of customers. Our key competency is that we can give solutions through thorough understanding of customer’s problems. We are eager to offer extra advice to help customers’ performance.

At Samarth Magna Group of industries, our larger goal is to offer holistic advice to help raise overall performance.


Our Vision

Samarth Magna Group will be renowned national brand of innovative products and services for foundry and engineering Industry.

Samarth Magna Group will grow its business transparently & ethically with the aim of value creation, safety, inclusive prosperity and environmental care for all our stake holders

Samarth Magna Group will maintain cost competitiveness by following lean business practices.


Our Mission

We shall follow transparent & ethical practices in our business processes while taking care of all stakeholders interests. i.e. Customers, suppliers, workforce, equity holders, financers & society.

We shall maintain focus on product quality, infrastructure and technology to give us competitive edge in our business.

vWe shall continue to develop competent team to create value at customers business process. We shall offer our superior products and products of international acclaim to achieve steady growth.

We shall enjoy our business process with our motivated workforce by providing them healthy, sportive and safe work practices

We shall follow environment friendly business practices with zero waste approach.

Our Values

  • Integrity in Business
  • Employee concern
  • Environmental care & safety
  • Quality Practices
  • Inclusive growth
  • Transparency


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