Alfaset Nobake Moulded CI and SG Iron Castings


At Samarth Foundry Services Pvt. Ltd. we produce cast iron and ductile iron castings for engineering industry in batch quantities. The typical weight range is from 30 kg to 500 kg per piece. various grades of metal catered to engineering industry are:

  1. FG 220, FG260, FG300 in cast iron
  2. Grade 400/12, 450/12, 400/15, 500/7, 600/3 and 700/2 in ductile iron


We are a foundry having Alfaset Nobake moulding process for moulding as well as core making. We have a continuous mixer and loop-line for moulding. The moulds/ cores are stored for 6-24 hrs before they are painted and assembled for pouring. Melting is done in 2 crucibles of 500 and 750 kg. For ductile iron sandwich process is used. Because of the flexibility in mould box size selection we have here, various sizes of castings are produced in our foundry.

We have an in-house fettling shop for casting shot blasting and finishing,as well as a heat treatment face wherever required.

Application suitability:

This foundry typically suits the stringent requirements of engineering industry having annual off take of 100- 2000 components in the weight range of 30- 500kg. The strength of Alfaset noback is its resistance to mould dilation and low gas. This makes it suitable for critical applications such as heads, housings, blocks etc.

Hanse the major clientele of the foundry covers pump industry, compressor industry, railway motors, equipment industry etc.

Quality Control:

The inspection is carried out through all the standard foundry procedures and in addition following processes are available in-house.

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Endoscopy
  • Mechanical properties testing

Supporting Infrastructure:

The foundry has adopted zero waste disposal policy and accordingly burnt sand is reclaimed through mechanical and thermal reclamation process and is reused. thus having little dependence on outside sand sources.

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