Exothermic and Insulating Sleeves

Product Description:

Most casting manufacturers in iron and steel industry use exothermic/ insulating sleeves for improvement of casting yield, as Conventional use of sand risers for manufacture of steel and iron castings result into poor casting yield and high fettling costs.

MAGNA SLEEVES are renowned for its superior quality exothermic and insulating properties, Perfect formulation quality and consistency. In exothermic sleeves, exothermic material burns and generates temperatures more than 1500° C. As a result, these sleeves extend solidification time of the metal inside the sleeve by a factor of about 2.5 as against sand feeder of the similar size. The Modulus Extension Factor (MEF) for these sleeves is in the range of 1.40- 1.70 (MEF is more for the smaller sleeves). Raw materials carefully selected and used for manufacture of the sleeves result in a product with bulk density upto 0.7 g/cm3 max. This ensures excellent insulating properties in post exothermic stage.

Stringent quality control is observed during incoming, in process and finished product stages. Sleeves are manufactured under precise control to ensure consistent performance at customer’s end.

Features & Benefits:

Feature Benefits
High exothermic formulation Excellent MEF
Stringent QA and process control Consistant performance
High permeability Very low gas defects
Moisture-proof packing Protection against humidity
Set up to cater to special shapes Tailor maid products for better yield
Dimensional accuracy Suitability to moulding lines


Range of products :

Types of shapes and sizes :

1.Cylindrical Sleeves : These sleeves are available in reverse conical cylindrical shape starting from one inch diameter to 16 inches diameter and appropriate heights. Cylindrical sleeves are available in two types i.e. open and blind (with William’s wedge)

2.Neck down sleeves : Open cylindrical sleeves give better casting yield and  ease of removal of excess metal when neck down sleeves are used in place of regular open sleeves.

3.Caps : It is a well known fact that use of blind cylindrical shaped sleeves gives more consistent performance, as compared to open cylindrical shaped sleeves of similar size. However, during moulding, it may become difficult to use a blind sleeve directly. Hence use of an open cylindrical sleeve & an apropriate size cap with willianm’s
wedge is recommended. Also the caps give you flexibility to decide whether the sleeve is to be used in an open or blind form.

4.Sleeves with special sizes and shapes : At Magna Ferrochem Pvt. Ltd., we strive for optimal performance of  feeder sleeves and best possible casting yields at customer’s end. Hence, apart from our regular sizes of these sleeves mentioned above, we  manufacture  special shapes such as elliptical sleeves and also undertake manufacture of customer specific sizes and shapes as per requirements.

*The list is updated on a regular basis. Please contact us for latest list of shapes and sizes available. Dimensions given in the table are for comparison purpose.

At  Magna Ferrochem Pvt. Ltd. production follows zero waste generation system and does not allow any effluent or solid disposal. This makes the production system eco friendly.

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