[High Performance Lustrous Carbon Additive]



With the growth in population of High pressure moulding lines Magna Industries has developed unmatched expertise of giving suitable products & services for various kinds of HPMLS. Excellent quality products are backed up by a team of qualified & experienced professionals which ensures total customer satisfaction by giving following benefits.


  • 1. High Thermal Stability :
    High thermal stability of Magnakol ensures optimum generation of lustrous carbon coupled with minimum burnout, across depth of mould. This helps to reduce additions of Magnakol to maintain the desired surface finish of castings.
  • 2. Optimum Lustrous Carbon:
    Optimum lustrous carbon at casting impart excellent peel off and surface finish to castings, which reduces felling costs substantially.
  • 3. Services:
    i) Magna industries offers help in streamlining complex Green system to achieve best out of it Team Magna helps in establishing control over green sand system which ultimately results in excellent quality castings with optimization of green sand system cost.
    ii) Magna Industries helps in testing of various sand properties.


  • 1. Excellent surface finish
  • 2. Consistent green sand properties
  • 3. Reduced green sand related reduction
  • 4. Optimized green sand system cost

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