MAGNASEED is range of inoculants suitable for CI and SG iron castings which offers following techno-commercial benefits.


Traditionally foundries use ferro-silicon, graphite, calcium, barium and rare earth element as inoculating agents. These are added to the melt separately or collectively as the need arises. A balance of these is perfectly struck in MAGNASEED an inoculant, which gives consistent results melt after melt.


  • 1. Perfect Composition:
    Presence of various elements in the required proportion makes MAGNASEED most effective inoculant to give improved mechanical and metallurgical properties.
  • 2. Size Grading:
    Magna Industries is equipped with full-fledged granulation facility which enables it to exercise precise control on particle size of the product. Controlled size grading of MAGNAEED helps in appropriate rate of dissolution, making it more effective and gives adequate fade resistance.


  • 1. Excellent Chill Reduction
  • 2. Improved Mechanical and Metallurgical properties
  • 3. Excellent Machinability
  • 4. Cost Effective

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