Samarth Coated Sand


Developed for critical mould and core applications, SAMARTH COATED SAND is our brand of premium quality resin coated sand.

Generic & Speciality Characteristics:

  • Range of tailor made products suiting to end application
  • State of art infrastructure to ensure consistent quality throughout
  • Consistency and suitability of coated sand due to :
    • i. Consistent base silica/ quartz sand
    • ii. Grain shape and size selection to suit the end application
    • iii. Additives to support the functional requirement of the component
    • iv. Resourcing of PF resin and hardener from internationally renowned sources
    • v. Controlled AFS distribution
    • vi. Optimised level of resin additions to get minimum level of LOI and gas

Generic and Speciality Grades:

SAMARTH COATED SAND is renowned for its consistency and suitability to the end application in uncompromising foundry industry.
various speciality grades have been developed for-

  • 1. Anti- veining, anti- cracking and anti- fusion applications for intricate and delicate core cavities such as water jacket core/ hydraulic core
  • 2. Moulding application to give excellent surface finish
  • 3. Controlled build up in hollow cores with improved collapsibility which proves beneficial for aluminium foundries.
  • 4. Minimising core/ mould dilation to give better dimensional accuracy to the casting
  • 5. Better core collapsibility during de-coring in aluminium gravity/ die / sand castings.
  • 6. Ensuring high permeability for cores which are having minimum gas escape points due to limited print area.
  • 7. Applications in steal castings such as impellers
  • 8. Speciality applications in other metals and prototyping.


Typical Application :

Application Challenge Features and Benefit Typical Application
Critical cores such as water jacket cores of cylinder heads and cylinder blocks VFT range with resistance to metal penetration and core cracking gives – Reduced gas related defects
– Elimination of fusion/ metal penetration
Casting requirement of better dimensional accuracy; bending/ cracking problems Our sand with high cold transverse strength gives
– Reduced core/ mould dilation
– Resistance to bending/ cracking
CI cylindrical block, cylinder heads
Aluminium Cylinder heads
Our range with high permeability gives
– Faster rates of gas evolution
– Lesser gas related effects
Shell moulded castings requiring superior surface finish Our sand with specific grain size and shape distribution gives
– better grain packing for superior surface finish
Small components and magnets,
Copper based alloy castings
Our Sand gives extra ordinary reproducibility of fine edges and marks -Picture-
Aluminium gravity die/ sand castings such as cylinder heads Sand with better collapsibility helps quicker knock outs of cores during de-coring -Picture-
Aluminium gravity die/ sand castings such as manifold Sand having controlled buildup helps reduce core cost and improves collapsibility -Picture-



To ensure sufficient flow of material adequate capacity has been built and at the current level the capacity is 50000 metric tonnes per annum.

Defect Diagnostic Support:

SAMARTH COATED SAND is backed up by support on defect diagnosis and product selection. Our technical team at SAMARTH extends your cooperation during all stages of establishing the product.

This would include-

  • Understanding your foundry practice,
  • Suggesting process improvements in shell core/ mould making,
  • Selection of an appropriate grade of samarth coated sand,
  • Validation and verification of results and establishing consistent core making/ mould making practices

This would effectively help your foundry in reducing the costs by minimising process wastage.

Contact Technical Support for queries.