Total Employee Involvement

In-house activities

  • We believe that, enthusiastic employees are the best assets for an industry, and positive motivation is a key to it. In our company, constant efforts are taken so as to maintain the enthusiasm of the employees and a healthy environment at the work place. The employees are provided with timely updated bonus structure and incentive plans for any outstanding performance. Employees also receive a special appreciation for their participation in activities like 5S and Kaizen.
  • We always make sure to take special efforts to improve the relations between the employees at all levels. The office staff is regularly instructed and motivated to maintain a friendly relation with the workers.
  • At 11:00 a.m. everyday, all the employees gather in their respective work places, for a ‘Kaizen Pledge’. The pledge is written in simplest form of Marathi for better understanding of all the workers. The employees themselves take efforts to make sure every statement of the pledge is actually followed in the work practices.
  • Every month, every plant hosts a CEO meet, in presence of all the workers and the office staff where everyone is given a chance to speak about the events on the shop floor, problems faced while working, and even about anything they can suggest in order to upgrade the work practices.
  • Every week, an hour is dedicated for observing the work practices and suggesting improvements in the same, we call it as ‘Golden hour’. The employees who come up with useful suggestions/concepts to help improvise our methods are given appreciation cards.
  • Every day, fifteen minutes are devoted towards cleaning of company premises. During this time, everyone including the workers, office staff and managerial staff clean all the workplaces as per the assigned responsibilities.

Health and Safety

  • We sponsor the ’employee health insurance scheme’ to all the permanent employees. In case of any sickness or accident (either inside or outside the company premises), company provides the person with full financial support, along with medical support if required.
  • Safety of the workers on the shop floor is always the first priority. All the workers are provided with necessary safety aids including, foundry shoes, protective goggles, helmets, masks, hand gloves etc.

Celebrations and recreation

  • Festivals like ‘Ganesh Utsav’ are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in the group. The festive season is glamoured with Poojas, sweets distributions, and an entertainment program- everything organized, participated and performed by the employees, without disturbing any production activities. Once in a year, ‘Satyanarayan Pooja’ is carried out in the company, and one of the recently married employee is given the honor to perform all the rituals along with his/her spouse.
  • Birthdays of all the employees are celebrated in the company, once in a week.
  • Employees also organize treks, cricket tournaments and other games and trips to nearby localities during their weekly offs. The company not only sponsors, but also participate in the activities planned by them.

Social responsibility

  • We make our contribution to ‘Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan’ by sponsoring the construction cost of at least 20 toilets per year.
  • On our small trips/treks with employees, we conduct small activities like collecting the plastic garbage from the place, etc.
  • We have a ‘nature lovers’ community’ initiated by our employees, who earnestly participate in activities like plantation within the Industrial estate.

Education Promotion

  • We encourage our employees and their family members to pursue higher education. We support them for ‘earn and learn’ practices and also share 25% of their tuition fees for any professional courses.
  • All the children of our employees are provided educational aids like notebooks, textbooks, school bags, etc. at the beginning of every academic year. Along with that, students showing remarkable performance in their SSC or HSC examinations are provided additional financial support for their further education.
  • An ‘in-house library’ in the company provides books to all the employees and their family members. The books include a variety of biographies, motivational books, novels, light story-books, and a number of best sellers, in Marathi as well as in English language. This activity has been getting a remarkably enthusiastic response from our employees.